We are Community

Empower citizens. Correponsability between citizen and administration. Improve government management.


    With a global, inclusive and efficient allowing different groups involved in a flexible and efficient in city government.


    Foster contact between people by improving communication and understanding.


    A secure online platform. We improve the Participatory Management.

To sign a petition is the most common participation type for citizens (80%)

Civic Empowerment

New direct communication tool

Two level of communications

  • Citizen Communication
  • Communication between citizen and local governments

Success Examples

The city council in your pocket

A technological solution implemented successfully in cities and towns like Castelldefels, Montcada and Girona

Modular Structure

Allows a modular implementation adapting to different budges and implementation strategies


User validation with local census. Only citizens can proppose and vote

Citizen participation

An efficient and flexible system that allows direct communication proposals and see how they are received by the population.

Participative budgeting

Vote for the best propposals to assign public resources.


With all possible 'Q&A' types.